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Costa Richa Telethon

Costa Rica carries out its Telethon program through Active 20-30, an international organization of young men and women between 20 and 39 years old, with no restrictions of political or religious creed, who dedicate part of their time to charity Works to help children in need.

Active 20-30 is found in three North American countries, six Central American and one South American. It gives young people the opportunity of personal growth, friendships and leadership through its projects and the exchange of ideas and knowledge in the frame of its Annual Conventions.


Its main objectives are: leadership formation to serve the community, community service with an emphasis on childhood, friendship development, fraternity promotion and fostering the highest human, moral and civic values.

Right from the start, Telethon has been a great hope for Costa Rican boys and girls and it has become a reality wth the construction of modern buildings for different medical specializations.

The first Telethons(1984-1989) contributed to the construction and equipment of four Holistic Rehabilitation Centers for the Disabled, in Santa Cruz, Pérez Celedón, San Carlos and Limón, as well as to the equipment of the Rehabilitation wing of Monseñor Sanabria Hospital in Puntarenas.

Between 1990 and 1995 the funds raised in the Thelethons was destined to the Children’s National Hospital and with the support of  the Costa Rican Social Security Fund a Medical Specialization Center was built, which opened its doors on April 26th 2000.

With the money gathered in 2000, a Neonates wing was built at the Children’s National Hospital and financial support was given to the Hospitals in Neily, San Carlos, Limón, Alajuela, Cartago and San Juan de Dios.

In 2001, the raised funds were destined for the Center for Prevention of NNH Disabilities, also known as the “Screening Center”.

During the years 2002 and 2006, the funds raised in the Telethons were invested in the design and plans for  the “ Hospital of Smiles”, under the supervision of the Foundation for the development of the Children’s National Hospital, and in the purchase of a Computerized Axial Tomography(CAT) scanner.

In 2007 the funds were used for the purchase of 10 cardiology units, four for the Blood Bank and one for the Psychiatry wing of the Children’s National Hospital.

In 2008, new equipment for the Burns Service and for the Rehabilitation area was acquired and funds were also destined for the creation of a Skin Bank.

In 2009, equipment for the Trauma and Rehabilitation wing of the Children’s National Hospital was bought.

The funds raised at 2010 Telethon were oriented towards the purchase of equipment for the Neumology, Neurology and Gastroenterology wings of the Children’s National Hospital.

With the results of the last Telethon Program, on December 2011, were equipped the Neonatology and Intensive Care areas, with equipment that will improve the treatment and diagnosis of patients.



Antonio Bermúdez (Presidente), Alvaro Tenorio (I Vicepresidente), Ester Mora (II Vicepresidente), Esteban Coronel (Tesorero), Scarleth Ruiz (Directora), Catalina Omacell (Directora), Andrés Camacho (Director), Patricia Molina (Secretaria) y Adriana Marín (Fiscal).