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Honduras Telethon

In Honduras, the Telethon Foundation was born in 1987, through a group of businesspeople and altruistic citizens who decided to join efforts to build an institution oriented to provide rehabilitation services.

Honduras Telethon has four holistic Rehabilitation Centers (CRIT) in the following cities: Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula, Santa Rosa de Copán and Choluteca. The first three were opened on March 1st 1990, thanks to the success of the first Telethon. A fifth Center is being built in Catacamas.

Honduras Telethon Foundation is a leader in holistic rehabilitation in the country. It seeks excellence in the services so as to improve the quality of life of disabled people, with family and social support. Its services are based on a personalized, egalitarian and timely assistance, on respect as a way of living together and responsibility as the way of achieving success.

Its assistance model also incorporates a series of programs:

  • Basic Education Program. Parents of children who are treated in the Tegucigalpa Rehabilitation Center attend this program, whose main objective is improving their capacity to contribute to their children’s rehabilitation. The program has to do with the Telethon’s worry about the fact that if parents of children with special challenges cannot read or write, the children find it difficult to learn.
  • Parents Training Program. Telethon fosters this program to reinforce parents’ attitude and their role facing the challenge of having a disabled child, and therefore with special needs.
  • Professional Rehabilitation Program. This program is developed with the aim of providing a second chance to physically disabled patients. It is a continuous and coordinated adaptation and rehabilitation process, through which the beneficiary’s labor insertion is sought.

Group Therapy Program. Its main challenge is that patients recover their communicative abilities. The program which is oriented to adults with speech problems is carried out with groups of patients and their respective partners, through games, dramatizations and other activities which contribute to facilitate rehabilitation in a supportive environment.

Home Assistance Program. Telethon’s benefits reach patients’ homes in the west part of Honduras through the program developed by the Santa Rosa de Copán Rehabilitation Center. This program not only provides holistic assistance to patients from far away places, but it also includes family orientation and education to support the rehabilitation process, especially, in case of serious after-effects and chronicity in pathology evolutions.

Sexuality Workshop for Spinal Cord Injured patients. One of the most worrying problems for spinal cord injured people is the difficulty to continue with their sexual life, as this pathology provokes changes in this system’s functioning. The Tegucigalpa Rehabilitation Center offers a workshop to provide alternatives to the patients, so that they are able to visualize themselves as part of their environment and with the right to a satisfactory sexual life.

Hydrotherapy Program. The Choluteca Rehabilitation Center offers a new hydrotherapy program for children with cerebral palsy. The aim of this program is that the mothers teach their children to move in a more natural way, help them improve their posture and provide them with more normalized motor-sensory patterns.


José Rafael Ferrari (Presidente a nivel nacional), Elizabeth Vinelli (Vicepresidenta ejecutiva), Rafael Villeda Ferrari (Vicepresidente Región Centro), Jorge Canahuati Larach (Vicepresidente Región Norte), Jorge Bueso Arias (Vicepresidente Región Occidente), Jacobo Zelaya (Vicepresidente Región Sur), Federico Cornejo (Vicepresidente Región Oriente), Rodrigo Wong Arévalo (Secretario general), Vicente Williams Agase (Tesorero), Carlos Africo Madrid (Fiscal) y Rafael Barrientos (Director General evento Teletón).