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México Telethon

In 1997, Mexico started its own Telethon, and contacted different networks, sponsors, artists, communicators, among others, to organize a national event.

The creator of this dream was Fernando Landeros who on December 12th 1997, together with Televisa and associated with the mass media, sponsored the first Telethon, whose funds were used to build the first two holistic Rehabilitation Centers(CRITs), in Tlalnepantla, Mexico, and Guadalajara, Jalisco. These are the largest centers in the country.

The Telethon events have so far allowed the construction of 19 CRITs in the following places: Estado de México (ITESUR), Occidente, Oaxaca, Aguascalientes, Coahuila, Guanajuato, Hidalgo, Chihuahua, Chiapas, Quintana Roo, Nezahualcoyotl, Tamaulipas, Yucatán, Veracruz, Durango, Baja California Sur, Sonora, Ciudad de México y Puebla.

Lines of action

The assistance model developed in the CRITs has the following lines of action:

To emphasize prevention.

  • To offer an interdisciplinary scope in rehabilitation through clinics.
  • To provide specialized services of physical, occupational, speech therapy, early multiple stimulation, neurotherapy, psychology, social integration and courses for parents.
  • To offer a holistic rehabilitation model from the children to the family, to the school and to society.
  • To provide assistance model focused on the family.

The Centers have clinics with interdisciplinary teams integrated by an accompanying doctor in charge of guiding the rehabilitation process, a team of physical, occupational and speech therapists, psychologists, family therapists, social integrators and customer service personnel.

Each clinic specializes in the diagnostic, treatment and integration of children and families with a certain type of disability. The Center is divided according to the pediatric disability, into teams that treat mild, moderate and serious brain damage; spinal cord injury; neuromuscular disorders; amputees; congenital or genetic problems; and osteoarticular illnesses, neurotherapy and early stimulation.

Together with the accompanying doctor work a team of specialists in different fields, such as: pediatrics, neuropediatrics, pediatric orthopedics, urology, ophthalmology, dentistry, nutrition and anesthesia.

The CRITs system

The CRITs system is consolidated as a pioneer in the use of high technology worldwide. The Lokomat unit is a sophisticated avant-garde robotic device, the only one in Mexico, which makes neuromuscular movement patterns, useful for functional walking, through guided training.

Thanks to this innovative device the patient’s walking activity can be supervised, determined and directed depending on their needs. Lokomat is used in the Estado de México CRIT in the rehabilitation of children who suffer from cerebral palsy and spine cord injury.

In all Mexican CRITs there is a program called “Creating Opportunities”, whose main objective is to manage that disabled people find a dignified and paid job as part of their rehabilitation process, where they could contribute knowledge, experiences and become part of a working and social environment.

Another of the highlighted programs is “Telethon Benefactor”, whose objective is to continue with the CRITs job and its results, so as to foster the integration of disabled children and young people, through monthly contributions made by people and companies committed to children with disabilities in Mexico.


Lic. Fernando Landeros (Presidente), Lic. Emilio Azcárraga Jean (Presidente), Lic. Carlos Slim Domit (Presidente del Consejo de Administración), Lic. Alejandro Vargas Guajardo (Presidente), Arq. Javier Sordo Madaleno Bringas (Director General), Lic. Gabriel Alarcón Velázquez (Patrono), Lic. Juan Francisco Ealy Ortiz (Presidente), Lic. Adrián Aguirre Gómez (Presidente), Dr. Fernando Uribe Calderón (Presidente), Lic. Juan Diego Gutiérrez Cortina (Presidente), Lic. Eduardo Ricalde Medina (Patrono), C.P. José Aguilera Medrano (Vicepresidente Ejecutivo), Lic. Francisco Aguerre Gómez (Presidente del Consejo de Administración), Lic. Mauricio Vázquez Ramos (Presidente y Director General), Lic. Francisco Ibarra López (Presidente), Lic. Carlos Aguirre Gómez (Director General), Lic. Antonio Leonardo Castrañón (Director General), Lic. Sissi Harp Calderoni (Director), Lic. Andrea Hernández Velasco (Patrono), Lic. Javier Pérez de Anda (Presidente), Lic. Francisco D. González Albuerne (Vicepresidente de Grupo Multimedios y Director General Grupo Milenio) y Lic. Olegario Vázquez Aldir (Director General y Vicepresidente).