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Perú Telethon

In 1980 Ricardo Belmont Casinelli started the Peruvian Telethon. Due to a close relative’s treatment he learns about the shortages and hard labor of San Juan de Dios Home Clinic, whose patients were mainly people who could not afford treatments.

On December 11, 12th 1981 the first telemarathon takes place, with the participation of personalities and artists from most TV networks in Peru.

The irregularity of the event generated a severe crisis at San Juan de Dios Home Clinic, questioning its continuity in 2008. At this point, the national government decided to call an urgent Telethon called the ”Great National Collect for San Juan de Dios children”. It was broadcast direct to all Peru for the first time.

Although it was organized in just 10 days, the event was very successful, and it surprisingly raised three times more than expected.

San Juan de Dios Home Clinic is a reference center, leader in the country, with a staff of top professionals, mainly in the specialties of Orthopedics, Traumatology, Physical Medicine and Infant Rehabilitation, which contributes to the integration of disabled children and young people from vulnerable social sectors.

The Center receives 250 patients a day approx., due to feet, limbs, hip or backbone malformations and infant cerebral palsy.


The goal of the institution is to provide a holistic treatment, which ensures a complete rehabilitation with physical, occupational and speech therapy, hydrotherapy, psychology and physical agents especially in disabled children and young people who cannot afford it. Apart from Lima, the Order of San Juan de Dios has Home Clinics in the cities of Arequipa, Cuzco, Chiclayo, Iquitos and a Rest Center in Piura.

The Brothers of San Juan de Dios arrived in Lima in 1606, where they opened assistance centers, as well as in el Callao and Carmen de La Legua, spreading then to the rest of what is Peru today.

In 1835 the order leaves the country but returns in 1952.

On April 22nd 1956 the construction of the present site began thanks to the effort of the Brothers, the Ladies’ Committee and the Peruvian people.

Almost 10 years later the new place is ready and it is officially opened on March 8th, with the presence of the president of the time Fernando Belaúnde Terry and with the blessing of Peru Archbishop Juan Landázuri Rickets.

San Juan de Dios Home Clinic has been providing a holistic rehabilitation for disabled children and young people for 60 years.

With the passing of time San Juan de Dios has developed both technically and scientifically. This evolution has allowed patients to be evaluated, treated and cured in the best way and in the least possible time, which has reduced hospital stay.


Hno Isidro Vázquez Zamora (Presidente), Yaeko Hiraoka, Enrique Miyashiro, Hno. Isidro Vázquez, Hno. Félix Acuña, Hno. Benigno Chahuillco and Hno. William Pintado.